IAF from 1997. IAF is an international organization merging accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies performing product certification (ISO/IEC 17065), certification of persons (ISO/IEC 17024), certification of management systems (ISO/IEC 17021), validation and verification (ISO/IEC 14065).
A current list of the IAF members is accessible on webpage IAF.
SNAS as a member of IAF and a signatory of IAF MLA has adopted IAF Code of Conduct on August 4, 2004.

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IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (IAF MLA)

IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (IAF MLA) in the fields:

  • Certification of management systems (QMS) from 2003
  • Certification of management systems (EMS) from 2004
  • Product certification from 2004
  • Product certification in the scheme of GlobalG.A.P. IFA General Regulations from 2014
  • Certification of persons from 2016
  • Validation and verification from 2018
  • Certification of management systems (FSMS, EnMS, ISMS, QMS-MD) from 2018

IAF MLA offers confidence in the accreditation bodies and in their ability to determine the competence of the certification bodies. The accreditations granted by the IAF MLA signatories are recognized worldwide on the basis of the equivalent accreditation systems of signatories, reducing in this manner the costs that are adding value to industry and to the end consumers.

combined IAF MLA mark

Structure of the IAF MLA with the defined scopes covered in agreement is accessible on IAF MLA structure. Current list of signatories to IAF MLA including the activities covered by MLA is accessible on web page IAF.

SNAS as a signatory to the MLA / MRA recognises and accepts

  • Accreditation systems operated by the other signatories as equivalent to its own accreditation system,
  • Reliability of the conformity assessment results (e. g. reports, certificates) issued by the conformity assessment bodies accredited by signatories to EA MLA / BLA, ILAC MRA and IAF MLA.

Acceptation of reports / certificates

Accreditation mark of the MRA / MLA signatory on the reports, certificates issued by accredited conformity assessment bodies acts as a passport to the European or global trade. The confidence in accreditation eliminates the need for suppliers to be conformity assessed in each country in which they sell their products or services, and therefore provides the framework for goods and services to cross borders in Europe and throughout the world.

In order to be recognized regionally or globally your reports, certificates or if you select a supplier whose reports, certificates will be accepted with sufficient level of reliability:

  • there should be included accreditation mark of signatory to MLA / MRA or reference to the accreditation in line with the requirements stated in MSA-02,
  • reference to accreditation in them should be in compliance with the granted scope of accreditation; see annex to the accreditation certificate on List of accreditation
  • testing, calibration, inspection, certification should be performed in accordance to the internationally valid standard,
  • standards, methods used and quoted in reports, certificates can be accepted in the country of destination.

In case of doubts or problems you can contact a local accreditation body; in Europe in List of EA Members, out of Europe region in List of ILAC Members or List of IAF Members and Signatories.

Scope and structure of the IAF MLA

Structure of the IAF MLA
Level 1 ISO/IEC 17011
Level 2 Product Certification Management Systems Certification Certification of Person Validation and Verification
Level 3 ISO/IEC 17065 ISO/IEC 17021 ISO/IEC 17024 ISO 14065
Level 4 GLOBAL G.A.P. IFA General Regulations ISO/TS 22003 (FSMS) ISO/IEC TS 17021-3 (QMS) ISO/IEC TS 17021-2 (EMS) ISO/IEC 27006 (ISMS) Future Endorsed Normative Documents
Level 5 GLOBAL G.A.P. IFA CPCCs ISO 22000 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO/IEC 27001 ISO 13485
Level 1 is the endorsed normative document for Accreditation Bodies.
Levels 2 and 3 are main scopes and endorsed normative documents.
Levels 4 and 5 are the sub-scopes and endorsed normative documents.

IAF Certsearch

SNAS is writing to inform your organization on the development of the IAF Global database to house and provide an authoritative source for validating accredited certifications issued all over the world.

The history of this project dates back to 2014, and the project has gone through several successful stage approvals by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and its members.
The program was championed by the IAF’s Database Management Committee (DMC) represented by Accreditation Bodies, Certification Bodies and Industry. The DMC then managed an independent third-party tender process. In October 2017 at the IAF General Assembly, there was a majority vote in favor of the development of a global database. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) was formed shortly after to oversee the operations and a formal agreement was formed with the selected contractor, Quality Trade, in May 2018 to develop and operate the database. Development is currently underway, the database has been officially branded IAF CERTSEARCH and, upon launch, will be accessed through the domain IAFCERTSEARCH.org.
The IAF CERTSEARCH has gained significant support from government agencies, industry and from all levels of the accredited network. While this is a voluntary database, the IAF CERTSEARCH has received early commitments and will launch with greater than 700,000 certifications in the database.


  • Those seeking to verify an accredited management system certification issued by a Certification Body accredited by an IAF member Accreditation Body are currently limited with validation solutions. In some cases, it is impossible or impractical to check the validity of a certificate as there is no central location. The lack of efficient verification options allows for misuse and dilutes the value of accredited certification.
  • TIAF CERTSEARCH will provide a single location for all accredited management system certifications issued by a Certification Body accredited by an IAF member Accreditation Body from all over the world, increasing validating efficiency and decreasing misuse. IAF CERTSEARCH will raise the profile of accredited certification, increase the visibility for those who are certified, and improve the value and integrity of accredited certification.
  • TIAF CERTSEARCH is a tool where users can validate accredited certifications in cases where the validation user knows the “company/organisation name” or “certification ID”. Users will “not” be able to generate “lists” of certified entities as this could negatively affect certification bodies. Certification dates will not be visible, just an indication on the certification status. No Certification Body (CB) or Accreditation Body (AB) will be able to view a list of the certifications of another CB or AB.

IAF and its members are working to create the digital infrastructure necessary to protect, educate and promote the value of accredited certification. The initiatives will improve the value of accredited certification and will help grow the network of accredited certifications globally.

The advances to the accredited network will be done whilst protecting and enhancing the needs of your organisation. CERTSEARCH will meet all required security and privacy requirements, whilst not increasing cost to the network, provided the initiatives are fully supported.

In the coming months you will receive further communications from us in reference to IAF CERTSEARCH including a detailed information pack on how to participate in the IAF CERTSEARCH and information you can share with your certified organisations. 

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