Accreditation of Environmental Verifiers

When assessing the environmental verifiers seeking to obtain accreditation for verification and validation of environmental statements SNAS follows provisions of ISO/IEC 17021-1: 2015 and Regulation (EC) No. 1221/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereinafter Regulation), amended by Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/1505 and Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/2026, and the Methodical Guidelines for the Accreditation issued by the SNAS.

During the accreditation SNAS assesses and confirms competence of environmental verifiers, and the accreditation scope is specified based on the classification of economic activities.

The environmental verifier shall in compliance with the Regulation meet minimum requirements for technical competence and demonstrate an ongoing professional development.

The environmental verifier shall be an external third party, independent, in particular of the organisation's auditor or consultant, impartial and objective in performing its activities.

The environmental verifier shall ensure that it is free from any commercial, financial or other pressures which might influence its judgment or endanger trust in its independence of judgment and integrity in relation to the verification activities. The environmental verifier shall ensure compliance with any rules applicable in this respect.

Environmental verifier has to have documented methods and procedures for verification of the Regulation requirements including mechanisms of flexible quality management and provisions for confidentiality maintenance.

If the environmental verifier is an organization, it has to have an organization chart with detailed specification of its structure and responsibilities including a declaration on legal status, ownership and financial sources.

If an environmental verifier carries out also other activities than verification of environmental statements and environmental management systems and audit he has to demonstrate meeting conditions of impartiality and objectivity, it means to demonstrate that other carried out activities do not compromise verification results.

Submission of Application for Accreditation

The application for accreditation service is submitted exclusively through the accreditation information system AIS.
AIS registration is required before the first application for accreditation can be submitted.

When completing the application for accreditation service, it is necessary to insert the completed Annex OA 9. 

Annex OA 9: Environmental Verifier

Title Size Document
Annex OA 9: Environmental Verifier - v.29.11.19, v.04.03.2024 62.48 KB

Methodical Guidelines for Accreditation

Methodical Guidelines for Accreditation - Environmental Verifier
Identification Title Valid from File Extra Note
MSA-02 SNAS logo and marks 07/24
MSA-04 Procedure for the accreditation 02/24
MSA-05 Requirements for SNAS assessors and professional experts 05/24
MSA-06 Responsibilities of SNAS and conformity assessment bodies 02/24
MSA-07 EA requirements for the accreditation of flexible scopes (EA-2/15) 02/20 info
MSA-08 IAF Mandatory document for the use of information and communication technology (ICT) for auditing/assessment purposes (IAF MD 4: 2018) 02/22 info
MSA-E/01 Scope and scope specification of accreditation of environmental verifiers 01/20
MSA-E/02 Requirements for environmental verifiers 03/24
MSA-E/04 Surveillance of environmental verifiers 03/24
MSA-E/05 Witness assessment of environmental verifiers 01/20

SNAS Policies for Accreditation

Policies for Accreditation - Environmental Verifier
Identification Title Valid from File Extra Note
PL-01 SNAS Policy on Quality and Impartiality 02/24
PL-02 Code of conduct for SNAS employee 07/19
PL-03 SNAS Policy on Non-Discriminatory Access to Accreditation 05/20
PL-04 EA Cross Border Accreditation Policy and Procedure for Cross Border Cooperation between EA Members (EA-2/13 M:2019) 05/20 info
PL-05 SNAS Policy for the Implementation of Accreditation Schemes 06/21
PL-06 SNAS Policy on Cooperation with Interested Parties 09/18
PL-15 SNAS Policy on Accreditation of Environmental Verifiers 10/20
PL-16 SNAS Policy on Protection and Use of SNAS Logo, Accreditation and Combined Mark of Accredited Body 03/20
PL-25 SNAS Policy for Subcontracting 07/21

Documents and Forms

Title Size Document
Notification template for EMAS verifier (PDF) 87.21 KB

Announcements and News

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