Electronic services for providing accreditation services

Slovak National Accreditation Services has launched electronical services for providing accreditation services. All processes, including  filling in the applications for providing accreditation services, its course, procesing results from testing of whole service, are solved electronically - directly by Accreditation information system - AIS. 

It is necessary to have internet connection and web browser for AIS usage. Access to AIS is possible anytime on website AIS

New applicants for accreditation have to fill the registration form for their legal entity on website AIS

Application for accreditation services can be submit only through AIS. 

More information about working in AIS you can find in the User's Guide for the Subject, accessible after logging into the system by clicking on the name of the logged-in user at the top right of the screen.

Annex OA 2: Testing Laboratory

Title Size Document
Annex OA 2: Testing Laboratory (ZIP) 94.06 KB

Methodical Guidelines for Accreditation - Testing Laboratory

Identification Title Valid from File Extra Note
MSA-02 SNAS logo and marks 04/22
MSA-04 Procedure for the accreditation 04/23
MSA-05 Requirements for SNAS assessors and experts 01/23
MSA-06 Responsibilities of SNAS and conformity assessment bodies 04/23
MSA-07 EA requirements for the accreditation of flexible scopes (EA-2/15) 02/20 info
MSA-08 IAF Mandatory document for the use of information and communication technology (ICT) for auditing/assessment purposes (IAF MD 4: 2018) 02/22 info
MSA-L/01 Field and scope of accreditation of laboratories field and proficiency testing providers 07/22
MSA -L/04 Guidelines on the reporting of compliance with specification (ILAC-G8: 03/2009) 11/20 info (effectiveness of the Slovak translation)
MSA-L/14 Determination of the level and freqency of the participation in proficiency testing 07/21
effective from 07.2021
MSA-N/01 EA Document on Accreditation for Notification Purposes 04/22 only in Slovak version

Policies for Accreditation - Testing Laboratory

Identification Title Valid from File Extra Note
PL-01 SNAS Policy on Quality and Impartiality 12/22
PL-02 Code of conduct for SNAS employee 07/19
PL-03 SNAS Policy on Non-Discriminatory Access to Accreditation 05/20
PL-04 EA Cross Border Accreditation Policy and Procedure for Cross Border Cooperation between EA Members (EA-2/13 M:2019) 05/20 info
PL-05 SNAS Policy for the Implementation of Accreditation Schemes 06/21
PL-06 SNAS Policy on Cooperation with Interested Parties 09/18
PL-07 SNAS Policy on Accreditation of Laboratories 05/21
PL-10 SNAS Policy on Accreditation for Authorisation/ notification Purposes 11/20
PL-11 SNAS Policy Applied for Updating Standards Laying Down Testing and Calibration Methods in Accredited Entities 08/21
PL-13 SNAS Policy in the Field of Traceability of Measurements 12/20
PL-16 SNAS Policy on Protection and Use of SNAS Logo, Accreditation and Combined Mark of Accredited Body 03/20
PL-18 EA Procedure and Criteria for the Evaluation of Conformity Assessment Schemes by EA Accreditation Body Members (EA-1/22 A-AB: 2020) 12/20 info
PL-21 SNAS policy for accreditation of flexible scope 03/22
PL-25 SNAS Policy for Subcontracting 07/21
PL-23 SNAS Policy on Participation in Proficiency Testing 05/22


Identification Title Valid from File Extra Note
TL 238 Checklist for testing, calibration and medical laboratories with FLEXIBLE SCOPE 03/21

Profeciency testing and other comparisons for laboratory

Interlaboratory comparison (ILC) and proficiency testing (PT) represent significant elements in the integrated evaluation of the technical competence of laboratories.
SNAS considers the participation of laboratories in ILC and PT projects as an important means of verification of the fulfilment of accreditation criteria of accredited laboratories.

In connection with ILC and PT SNAS has issued several documents, such as PL-23 and MSA-L/14 to check activities in this field.

SNAS requires laboratories to take an active part in ILC and PT projects organised in Slovakia or on an international level by EA, or by other accreditation systems in compliance with the applicable EA regulations.

In cases where proficiency testing is impractical, SNAS has accepted rules for ensuring the acceptable level of measurement traceability as declared in MSA-L/14.

Proficiency Testing (PT) Providers Accreditad by Slovak National Accreditation Service:

Organizer Information
Výskumný ústav vodného hospodárstva (VUVH) http://www.vuvh.sk/?lid=3
VUIS – CESTY, spol. s r. o. http://www.vuis-cesty.sk/
Slovenská legálna metrológia (SLM) https://www.slm.sk/nase-sluzby/medzilaboratorne-porovnavacie-merania/
PT Provider UCLSB Ltd. https://ptprovider.sslsb.org/en/
INTERPROJECT Ltd. https://inter-project.bg/en/
Proficiency Testing Solutions Bulgaria Ltd. https://ptsbg.eu/en/

Current International Projects for Proficiency Testing (PT) and Interlaboratory Comparisions (ILC) - for Testing, Examining and Calibration

Technical Guarantor for Testing

Ing. Stanislav Mikušínec; e-mail: stanislav.mikusinec(@)snas.sk; mobil: 0948 893 169

Ing. Janka Szabová; e-mail: janka.szabova(@)snas.sk; mobil: 0949 008 249

Ing. Henrieta Bóriková; e-mail: henrieta.borikova(@)snas.sk; mobil: 0940 982 186

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